BPQ32 and LinBPQ

BPQ32 is a versatile suite of programs for radio networking. It runs under Microsoft Windows or there is also now a version known as LinBPQ that runs under Linux. It allows a computer to act as a node in an AX.25 NET/ROM network, with serial interfaces to TNC’s supporting KISS, JKISS, multi-drop BPQKISS and NET/ROM interfaces. It also supports internet connections via AX/IP/UDP as well as interfacing with AGWPE via a BPQtoAGW DLL. This later capability allows BPQ32 to provide AX.25 NET/ROM services via devices connected to AGWPE, most significantly sound card modems. It also supports data-over-radio protocols other than AX.25 packet, including a driver for the WINMOR Virtual TNC, Pactor, V4, Telnet and others. The program can be configured many ways for many applications, including as an RMS gateway in the Winlink system, or a client for communicating with RMS gateways, and more.

The Linux version is finding popularity among Raspberry Pi computer users, for low-cost, low-power implementations.

BPQ32 software is a product of John Wiseman G8BPQ/GM8BPQ. BPQ32 or LinBPQ are not in the public domain; however they may be freely used by licensed radio amateurs in amateur radio applications.

The program suite is recommended for technically-oriented individuals and is not advised for casual or first-time radio email users. Assistance in using BPQ32 can be obtained through participation in the BPQ32 Email Group.

Information is available at http://www.cantab.net/users/john.wiseman/Documents/LinBPQGuides.html.

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