Updated Video Tutorial from K4REF

Early last year Rick Frost, K4REF, contributed an excellent video series for new Winlink users. Today, we present his updated productions for 2014. This is worth your time, and is of a quality in content and presentation far above most of what you'll find if you search the web. Thanks, Rick!

You can watch the videos right from our knowledge bank, here.

Non-conforming Gateways

The following gateway stations are running out-of-date software as of Monday, October 6. Soon we will discontinue server support for the old methods of station reporting that these stations use. As a consequence, they will appear to 'disappear' from the system as reported by the maps and lists on this web site, by third-party reporting tools and web sites, and within client software channel lists. This list is a snapshot. A current list is available at this link.

We are attempting to contact the sysops of these stations. Most are running third-party gateway software. If you know the sysops of these stations, please inform them of their non-conforming status. All they need to do to continue to operate normally is to update to the latest version of their software.

Winlink Development Team

A1VRF-10 RMS Gateway
AE6EQ-7 RMS Packet
AGA4CC RMS Gateway
AJ4GR-10 BPQ32
DA5UDI RMS Gateway
DB0LJ-10 RMS Gateway
EI3RCW-10 RMS Gateway
EI7IG-10 RMS Gateway
I0OJJ-10 RMS Gateway
I4VAM-10 RMS Gateway
IQ3VQ-15 RMS Gateway
IW2OHX-10 RMS Gateway
IW8PGT-10 RMS Gateway
IZ1XBB RMS Trimode
K4SRC-10 BPQ32
K5KRK-10 RMS Packet
K5YX-10 RMS Gateway
K7CVO-10 RMS Packet
K7LL-10 RMS Gateway
K9QV-10 BPQ32
KB9UNX-10 RMS Packet
KC0YEJ-10 RMS Gateway
KC7SOY-10 RMS Packet
KC9S-10 BPQ32
KD4QIT-10 RMS Gateway
KD5MKV-10 RMS Gateway
KE5ISM-10 RMS Gateway
KE6RHV-10 RMS Gateway
KF4ATP-10 RMS Gateway
KF7FIT-10 RMS Gateway
KF9NU-10 BPQ32
KI4HDU-10 RMS Gateway
KJ4RUS-10 RMS Relay
KJ6QIN-10 RMS Gateway
KL7EDK-10 RMS Packet
LZ3CB RMS Trimode
N0QBJ RMS Gateway
N1OBU-10 RMS Gateway
N1URO-10 RMS Gateway
N3KNT-11 RMS Packet
N4ATA-10 BPQ32
N4GD-10 RMS Gateway
N4GMT-10 RMS Packet
N4PLZ-10 RMS Gateway
N7JN-10 RMS Gateway
N7NIX-10 RMS Gateway
N8GFO-10 RMS Gateway
NS7C-10 RMS Gateway
OK2KOJ-10 RMS Gateway
ON0BT-10 RMS Packet
PA1TGI-10 RMS Packet
PD0HRY RMS Gateway
PI8HGL-10 RMS Gateway
PJ2A RMS Gateway
PY2ZEN-10 RMS Gateway
S56IPS RMS Trimode
VA3BAL-10 RMS Gateway
VE2PKT-10 RMS Gateway
VE3HSV-10 RMS Gateway
VE3LNZ-10 RMS Gateway
VE3MCH-10 RMS Gateway
VE3MUS-10 RMS Gateway
VE3PKG RMS Gateway
VE6GPS-10 RMS Gateway
VE6HM-10 RMS Gateway
VE7DID RMS Gateway
VE7GAU-10 RMS Relay
VE7TEL-10 RMS Gateway
W3CB-10 RMS Gateway
W4BGH-10 RMS Gateway
W4BOT-10 RMS Packet
W4JML-10 BPQ32
W5KAV-10 BPQ32
W5SEG-10 BPQ32
W6GSW-10 BPQ32
W7BO-10 RMS Packet
W7JSC-10 RMS Packet
W7PLK-10 RMS Packet
W9HDG-10 RMS Gateway
WA7V-10 RMS Gateway
WE4NC-10 RMS Gateway
WF7W RMS Relay
WF7W-10 RMS Packet
YN1BBS-10 RMS Gateway

All Gateway Sysops: Attention!

Soon (in a week, two at most) CMS support for gateway programs using UDP or TCP access to winlink.org for Sysop, Version, or Channel information will be discontinued. Security concerns and efficiencies have prompted us to revise the databases and access methods used. Gateway developers have been involved in this transition for several months. All you need to do is insure you are using the current version of the software. You can see the current versions by visiting the winlink web site and selecting the "Tools" menu item - then "Gateway Program Versions". If your gateway is listed in the list at the left you are not using the current version and need to update.

This notice only applies to Winlink gateway programs like RMS Trimode, RMS Packet, RMS Relay, RMS Gateway, etc. It does not apply to user/client programs like Airmail, Paclink or RMS Express (although, you should keep these programs up to date as well). At this time a new version of RMS Gateway hasn't been released, but the author tells me it will be released soon.

Failure to upgrade to the current version of your gateway software will not cause it to stop working. However, it will impact the information you see on the web site and the frequency listings others see in their client programs (Airmail, RMS Express, etc.). And you will be operating counter to your agreement to abide by the system's sysop guidelines.

Thanks for your attention to this important change.

Winlink Development Team


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