for Finding Winlink Callsign Competitors

Hi all,

I was thinking there might be a demand for setting up chess games between members of the Winlink community, so I've set up a site for it! is a place for Winlink users to find a game of chess with other members. If you visit the site you'll see a fairly straightforward set of instructions - just specify your skill level (beginner, intermediate or advanced), and your call sign and you'll be matched with an available member of your same skill level. Since I'm not sure yet how much demand there might be for this, it's pretty rudimentary, but I expect to update the site if it seems popular.

Thanks for your interest and looking forward to seeing some chess match ups at Winlink - if this proves particularly interesting to people maybe I'll even be able to set up some kind of tournament at some point!

Dan Turman, KL5MN

Eos Magazine Covers ARES/Winlink/USGS Collaboration

An interesting article by David J. Wald (USGS), Vincent Quitoriano (USGS), and Oliver Dully (K6OLI) published in Eos Magazine details the development and use of amateur radio to report earthquake data to the USGS. Check it out at this link to the online publication:

-- The Winlink Team

VARA FM Version 4.01 Released

VARA Speed Levels

We are pleased to announce that Jose Alberto Nieto Ros EA5HVK has released VARA FM version 4.01 as of 1700UTC November 28, 2020. Highlights of this release are:

  • The addition of a digipeater capability to extend the effective range similar to AX.25 Packet but without collision protection. Up to two digipeaters are supported.
  • Significantly improved weak signal operation through the addition of a lower data rate speed level.
  • Improvements for operation with inexpensive HT radios and through voice repeaters.
  • Various performance enhancements.
  • VARA FM callsign sign display displays station IDs currently using the channel
  • New Ping feature showing VU readings and Signal to Noise Ratios

*** NOTE*** Version 4.01 is NOT compatible with previous VARA FM releases. Transition to the new version should be managed locally.

Download version 4.01 here.

Speeds shown in the table above will be dependent upon your sound card interface, RF levels, proper calibration, direct connect and/or number of digipeaters used.

Please post questions to the Winlink Programs Group as needed. Several beta testers who are present there will try to help during the day.

--The Winlink Team


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