The main Winlink web site is undergoing major rework. This is a temporary page.
The Winlink radio email system and Winlink Hybrid Network for mail transport without the internet are unaffected.

Please participate in our Beta test of the new Winlink web site. Log in, try the all-new WebMail app, and give the rest of the site a work-out. Don't forget to send us a report on your experience. Please note we are testing the underlying engine that runs the site. Content you see are mere placeholders and do not represent content that will appear on the final site.
Click here to go to the Beta Test site.

Meanwhile, here are some temporary services:

The Internet Archive's copy of the Winlink Site from January, 2014


Downloads (Winlink FTP download site. Use an FTP client or browser with FTP support turned on or added.)

Position reports map

Maps, reports, system status, RMS channel lists, and more.

Donations and software registrations (The Amateur Radio Safety Foundation website)

Our support community Post your questions about the system or software.

Download the Winlink FAQ by K7BFL (.PDF).

--The Winlink Development Team